Stay positive: Don’t feed the monster!

By Beverly Benson
BAMC RN/Health Promotion Educator
Army Public Health Nursing

Last time I told you to watch out for “Shoulder Guy” who keeps you from doing the things you know you should, like eating healthy or exercising (read blog here). He is also very good at being negative. I refer to the really negative “shoulder guy” as “the Monster.”

The Monster will hand you a sweater of guilt, remind you of something hurtful someone said in your past, tell you that you have no worth or value, that you should quit, or not even try. Shoulder guy’s job is to keep you down emotionally, physically and mentally. He is very good at his job!

Remember: Fred Astaire was told he couldn’t act or sing and he could only dance “a little.” Lucille Ball was told she was only “mediocre” and shouldn’t pursue acting. The Beatles were told “No” by their first record company and that their sound was “way out.”  Walt Disney was told he “lacked imagination and had no original ideas.” Really?!

 I could go on. Here is a link with more examples if you need inspiration:

If you’re a civil service employee and have read any of the posts about the “Wolf Story” you know we all have two “wolves” inside of us. Each one fights for control and wants to be “fed.” Just remember the one who wins the fight is the stronger one.

That “wolf” will get stronger only if we feed it. Since I like wolves, and don’t want to think of the “big bad wolf” living inside, I refer to the negative one as “the Monster.” If you focus on the negative things, challenges or trouble that will be all you will see and thereby feed the Monster. Focus on what you can do! In difficult financial times we need to focus on how we can help each other get through, not on what we can’t do. Don’t feed the Monster!

Here is a link to the Cherokee story of Two Wolves:

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