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Get Connected: BAMC Launches Guest Wi-Fi for Patients, Families

Patti Steward, senior wireless engineer for Brooke Army Medical Center Information Management Division, discusses BAMC’s new guest wireless service with wireless engineers Saul Valdez, Phillip Forister and Rosendo B. Flores. U.S. Army photo by Robert Shields

Beneficiaries are now able to text, Facebook, Tweet and browse the Internet while at San Antonio Military Medical Center, thanks to a new guest wireless service for patients and their families.

The 180-day pilot program, which will run through mid-July, enables beneficiaries to connect to Wi-Fi while in the hospital using their tablets, smart phones or any other web-capable wireless device.

“We don’t want the ability to communicate with loved ones hinder people from coming here or detract from their quality of care,” said Army Maj. Anthony Bradway, chief technology officer for Brooke Army Medical Center’s Information Management Division.

For detailed connection instructions, visit a SAMMC information desk. For more on this service, click here.